File Sharing for the Art + Technology Program [OBSOLETE]

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File Sharing for the Art + Technology Program [OBSOLETE]

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As many times as I have repeated this information verbally, you'd have thought I would have made a tutorial long ago. Here it is!

The Art + Technology Program has a number of services that require an account on the main A+T server at This includes:
  1. Your own website with greater capacity and additional features in comparison to UF-plaza at http://art-tech.arts.ufl/~your-shortname
  2. Ability to login, post and download papers on my course wiki at (required for my classes)
  3. Ability to login and post to this bulletin board:
  4. Ability to login and post images to the main website front page: [DEFUNCT]
  5. Ability to login and add images to the student gallery: [DEFUNCT]
  6. Ability to share files amongst students and faculty. This is often used for class purposes, such as movies, tutorials, projects, etc.
In order to get started, you need to set the password on your account. A temporary one has been set for you with a home directory size limit of 2 GB. You will be told the temporary password at the beginning of your tenure with the program, and will immediately reset it to something you prefer. Because of various limitations placed on home versions of the Microsoft platform, as well as security issues involving Windows, everything below applies to Apple hardware, only (sorry).

First Step: Connect to Server
Second Step: Enter the address
TIP: click the + button to add the address to your Favorite Servers list so you don't have to type it manually the next time.
Sharing-Step.02.jpg (24.5 KiB) Viewed 1559 times
Third Step: Enter your shortname and temporary password
Sharing-Step.03.jpg (27.24 KiB) Viewed 1559 times
Fourth Step: Reset your password
Sharing-Step.04.jpg (22.84 KiB) Viewed 1559 times
Fifth Step: Mount your home directory (the share with your shortname)
Sharing-Step.05.jpg (20.33 KiB) Viewed 1559 times
Sixth Step: See your home directory in the Finder
Once you've completed the steps above, you will not be presented the "Reset your password" dialog, and will use your new/personal password for login from now on.

Starting with Mountain Lion (10.8) Server, if you want to serve web pages from your account, you'll need to create a folder in your home directory and name it "Sites" (case is significant). Any html, php files you place in this directory will be available at
Notice the tilde (~) before your username. The Apache webserver is configured to require this tilde before your name in order to serve files.

NOTE: Your username and password on are NOT the same as your gatorlink info. This is specific to the art-tech server. There is also an art-tech-lab server, which is tied to the UF gatorlink system. This is the server that allows you to log into the FAC306 lab computers. As such, use your gatorlink info when logging into the machines. Everything discussed above is specifically for file sharing and art-tech web services access. Remember art-tech and art-tech-lab are distinct servers.

LAST: After you log into my wiki for the first time, email me. I will need to configure some things on your account to give you special permissions.

If you have any problems, just email me.

The master of disaster!

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