3D Gaussian Splatting

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3D Gaussian Splatting

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This is new tech....a month or so since the initial paper was published, so, expect things to change with time!

Siggraph 2023 Paper:
https://repo-sam.inria.fr/fungraph/3d-g ... splatting/

Base Github repo:

I installed the repo above successfully on HiPerGator.

For creating and cleaning up gaussian splats there are multiple methods. You could use Polycam Pro to take photos and create the splats. You can shoot your images and use the scripts in the github repo to produce the splats. You can use SuperSplat to clean up your models:

You can install SuperSplat locally, too:

We have Metashape, which can obviously produce photogrammetric models, but I'm not sure of the workflow to create gaussian splats.

This is a good tutorial, referenced from the initial repo above. It's geared towards Windoze users unfortunately, but there's still good info there:
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