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RSync with HiPerGator

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To copy files from your local computer TO HiPerGator

Example: You've downloaded a movie file to your local computer in FAC302 and it's in the Downloads directory. Assuming your HiPerGator login name is the same as your FAC302 login name (i.e. Gatorlink):

On your local machine (FAC302, your laptop, etc.), open iTerm/Terminal and ->

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cd Downloads
rsync -av <filename> <username><path to directory>

This will copy <filename> to your home (~) directory on HiPerGator. You can also give it a full path to your working directory on the "blue" drive; best not to load up home if the file is large.

To copy files from HiPerGator to your local computer on which you're working (FAC302, your laptop, etc.).

You have a file or set of files you want to get FROM HiPerGator:

From your local computer, open iTerm/Terminal and ->

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cd <your local working directory>
rsync -av <username><path to file> .
Don't forget the trailing "." That period means, download to this current directory. If you wanted it to download to another directory, you could substitute a path for the "."

This is all explained here:
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